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August 8, 2022

Imagine it is the middle of the night and you wake up to your dog barking.

As you blink the sleep out of your eyes and reach for your gun, you hear your front door being split from its hinges.

The booming yells of men and terrified screams of your startled children erupt throughout your home. A gun shot rings out.

By the time you know what is going on, your dog is dead and you sit powerless watching police carry your firearms out of your home to their squad car.

This is the nightmare reality of “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, the policy that the federal government is pushing on state governments to enact… with your tax dollars as bribery money.

Politicians in all levels of government are taking hacksaws to the Second Amendment.  I need your support if we are going to stop them.

With 2022 memberships expiring, we need pro-gun patriots from across Texas to renew their TXGR membership for $30 today

Texas Gun Rights memberships run from summer through summer of each year, and they are the life-blood of our organization, giving us the resources we need to monitor gun legislation in Austin (and D.C.) — and enable us to respond to any threats at a moments notice!

Sadly, our senior U.S. Senator (John Cornyn) recently took the lead in pushing a gun control deal with Democrats, garnering praise from Democrats like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer.

Cornyn’s dirty deal is the biggest attack on gun rights in decades, expanding national gun registration, putting excessive restrictions on military-aged adults to purchase firearms, and more.

This is not hyperbole either, even Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (Cornyn’s co-author) praised their bill as being the most significant gun control to pass in decades!

Worse, with the recent passage of the Cornyn Gun Control Package, federal tax dollars are be using to bribe state legislators into adopting dangerous “Red Flag” in state legislatures across the country.

Here in Texas, anti-gun representatives are already pressuring Governor Abbott to call a special session to pass “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and even Universal Gun Registration.

We cannot allow that to happen.

To fight these threats, Texas Gun Rights is bolstering our actions on all fronts.

Our mail, phone, online, and on-the-ground program must be expanded earlier than usual to defend against the waves of attacks by the Gun Control Lobby.

More laws restricting your gun rights could be passed at any moment — and repealing Constitutional Carry is the prize they’re really after.

Thankfully, a Supreme Court ruling upholding the right to carry was decided recently striking down New York’s “may-issue” law and strengthening the right to carry nationwide.

But as you can imagine, Democrats are furious and dead set on asserting their dominance over gun owning Americans… starting with Texans.

There’s no denying it. Gun owners are in a tough spot right now.

But with members like you, Texas Gun Rights has beat back threats like this before.

In 2019, Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick were launching a gun control roadshow until patriot Texans, mobilized by Texas Gun Rights, created a tidal wave of petitions and phone calls, bringing the gun control roadshow to a halt.

This “Gun Control Roadshow” was pushing “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation in special hearings. Be ready to see this type of talk again now that federal funds are incentivizing politicians to pass these laws at the state level.

That is why it is so important that I have your support.

Texas Gun Rights will be fighting for a BAN on “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws in the Lone Star State.

Additionally, TXGR is pushing to add teeth to Texas’s so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law to empower Texas sheriffs to lock up Joe Biden’s goons if they try to enforce unconstitutional gun control in Texas.

To secure this legislation, the pro-gun grassroots must show up in huge numbers. And I need your help to mobilize these forces.

Remember, Constitutional Carry was laughed at when the fight began in Texas a decade ago.

The establishment said that it was impossible until patriots like you pushed the issue and refused to give up.

The fight for Constitutional Carry was uphill and our enemies were extremely well-funded by the Democrat extremists and RINO elites.

The current fight to forever banish tyrannical gun control like “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation from the Lone Star State is just like that.

And that is why I know that we can win — but only with your support.

Your membership is vitally important to the fight for gun rights in Texas.

For the past ten years, Texas Gun Rights has mobilized gun owners in Texas to defeat many gun control pushes and expand protections of the Second Amendment by making Texas the twenty-first Constitutional Carry state.

Can I count on you to go above and beyond by committing to a life membership with a one-time $500 donation?

I know I am asking for a lot, but I hope you see just how important your support is to helping me defend your gun rights.

If that isn’t possible, please renew your Texas Gun Rights membership for at least $30.

Whatever you choose, please know that your support today would mean the world to me.

The fight before us right now could be our most difficult endeavor yet.

But if I can count on your membership and continued support of TXGR, I know that the Gun Control Lobby can be beaten back and defeated.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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