Urgent Constitutional Carry update!

Urgent Constitutional Carry update!

March 26, 2019,

I hope you have been following my updates.

Dennis Bonnen, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, is BLOCKING Constitutional Carry.

With legislative deadlines staring us down in the next few weeks, Constitutional Carry (HB 357) is on life support.

So please call Speaker Bonnen today at (512) 463-1000 and urge him to stop blocking Constitutional Carry by advancing HB 357.

As Speaker of the Texas House, Dennis Bonnen has the power to advance any bill he chooses by bringing it directly to the house floor for a vote.

But time is of the essence.

That’s why I’ve been working overtime, blitzing the state to ratchet up support for landmark Constitutional Carry legislation.

In fact, I’ve been meeting with pro-gun Texans in the districts of influential State Representatives — encouraging them to pressure their elected officials with a message to advance HB 357 immediately!

On Monday, I was in Amarillo, home to State Representative Four Price, one of Speaker Bonnen’s top lieutenants.

As Chair of the powerful House Calendar’s Committee, Representative Price also holds the power to schedule bills for a vote on the House Floor.

On Tuesday, I met with TXGR members, supporters, and influential donors in Lubbock — home of Republican Caucus leader Dustin Burrows.

As caucus leader, Burrows is in a unique position to rally his Republican colleagues to help advance Constitutional Carry — which has been a TOP priority for the Republican Party of Texas for three sessions in a row.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day in Lake Jackson — the heart of Speaker Dennis Bonnen’s house district.

There, I plan to deliver the message to Bonnen’s constituents that the fate of Constitutional Carry rests squarely on his shoulders.

After Speaker Bonnen failed to honor his promise of a “quick hearing” for HB 357, it is critical to keep the pressure on Bonnen by urging him to advance HB 357 at once.

But the pressure won’t be applied without YOUR help!

So after you call Speaker Bonnen at (512) 463-1000, please sign your Constitutional Carry petition to your legislators and consider making your most generous contribution to Texas Gun Rights.

With the clock winding down on the legislative session, your support is more crucial now than ever.

Thank you for everything you’re able to do!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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