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Three Pro-2A Bills Just Became Law in Texas!


September 1, 2023

While anti-gun politicians and their pals are busy scheming new ways to erode your rights, THREE critical pro-gun bills passed earlier this year just became law!

But before you read on, don’t for a moment think this was the work of politicians. Oh, no. This was YOUR victory. Your phone calls, your emails, and yes, your relentless pursuit for freedom made this happen. So pat yourselves on the back, but then clench your fists – because we’ve got more fighting to do. Here’s what became law as of September 1, 2023:

House Bill 2837: Spearheaded by Rep. Matt Schaefer, this bill isn’t just paper—it’s a barricade against the privacy-invading tactics of Big Finance. No more coding your gun purchases for potential misuse and abuse. This is a WIN for every gun owner who values their privacy and rights!

House Bill 1760: This law clearly spells out that “gun-free zones” can’t just pop up wherever anti-gun folks feel like it. Schools? Sure. Random locations because students are present? Absolutely not. This is a huge step toward reining in the abuse of “gun-free zones.”

House Bill 3137: Blue cities across the country are trying to discourage law-abiding gun owners from carrying a firearm by FORCING you to purchase expensive liability insurance to carry. Thanks to Rep. Carrie Isaac, municipalities can’t in Texas will be PROHIBITED from putting you in this situation. Think of this as a firewall against California-style nonsense reaching Texas.

Don’t just read this email and nod—celebrate this WIN, because heaven knows they’re hard-fought and not nearly frequent enough. But after that, reload (figuratively speaking), because you know as well as I do that the anti-gun crowd is already plotting their next moves.

So don’t get complacent. This victory should fuel your fire, not douse it. We’ve won this round, but the fight’s far from over, and you better believe they’ll redouble their efforts.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt

President, Texas Gun Rights

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