Tennessee Passes Law Banning Local Red Flag Laws

April 19, 2024 

With local elections coming up here in Texas on May 4th, it’s important for gun owners to remember how local government can affect them. This is on full display in Tennessee, where the state Senate just passed a bill to ban local governments from imposing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO’s), or better known as Red Flag gun confiscation laws. 

Red flag laws turn everyday Americans into criminals without any evidence when someone reports them for being a threat to themselves or others. If this law passes in Tennessee, every single city and government agency in the state would be prohibited from implementing ERPOs on their communities. 

This move highlights the significant impact that state legislation can have on local gun policies, underscoring the importance of paying attention to both state and local elections for gun owners.

In Texas, a bill to do the same thing was killed when RINO’s Justin Holland and Sam Harless walked out of the committee vote last session – empowering anti-gun Democrats to kill the bill. Red Flag laws have no place in Texas. That’s why TXGR will be working with Representative Briscoe Cain once again to try and ban them next session. 

This is why gun owners should be mindful of ALL candidates’ stances on gun rights and their commitment to upholding the Second Amendment. While Texas state law generally preempts local governments from passing their own gun control measures, local officials still wield influence over issues like zoning regulations for shooting ranges and firearm sales, as well as law enforcement policies related to gun ownership.

Moreover, local governments serve as crucial platforms for advocacy and representation. By engaging with local officials, gun owners can ensure that their voices are heard in shaping policies that impact their rights and safety. Whether through attending city council meetings, participating in grassroots campaigns, or supporting candidates who prioritize Second Amendment rights, gun owners can actively contribute to the political process at the local level.

As the Tennessee example demonstrates, the decisions made by local governments can have far-reaching implications for gun owners’ rights and freedoms. By staying informed, engaged, and active in local politics, gun owners can help shape policies that uphold their Second Amendment rights while promoting public safety and well-being. With local elections just around the corner, now is the time for gun owners in Texas to make their voices heard and ensure that their interests are represented at the local level.

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