ATF Official’s Glock Disassembly Fail Sparks Controversy and Mockery

March 11, 2024 

In a recent CBS “Face the Nation” segment that’s now making rounds across social media for all the wrong reasons, ATF’s Firearms Ammunition Technology Division acting chief, Chris Bort, found himself under fire. Billed as a “firearms expert,” Bort’s struggle with a task as basic as disassembling a Glock pistol—a procedure often regarded as straightforward within gun enthusiast circles—has ignited a flurry of criticism and ridicule.

The Glock, known for its widespread use and simple maintenance, has been a staple in the firearms community for its ease of disassembly. This routine process, achievable by individuals with minimal instruction, seemed to puzzle Bort, an official whose role significantly impacts the enforcement of Second Amendment rights in the United States. The episode has raised eyebrows and questions about the competency of those tasked with regulating firearms.

This incident caught the attention of popular YouTuber Garand Thumb, a well-known figure in the Second Amendment community for his engaging and informative firearms content. A former Air Force member, Garand Thumb, took a break from his regular postings to highlight Bort’s gaffe, further amplifying the criticism and adding a layer of embarrassment to the ATF official’s televised misstep.


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The episode adds to the ongoing narrative questioning the expertise of individuals in significant positions of authority over gun laws and regulations.

Similar instances, such as Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s misinterpretation of a bump stock’s function, fuel concerns over the knowledge base of those shaping firearms policy. Such misconceptions, particularly when voiced by individuals with the power to influence gun laws, underscore a worrying disconnect between regulators and the technical realities of firearms.

Critics argue that this lack of basic firearms knowledge among key figures could undermine the credibility of institutions like the ATF, tasked with enforcing gun laws. The call for more educated and proficient authorities in matters concerning firearms rights and safety is growing louder, particularly among gun owners and Second Amendment advocates.

The incident not only serves as a moment of embarrassment for the ATF but also as a stark reminder of the importance of firearms education among those in positions to regulate and influence gun policy. As debates over gun control intensify, the competency and expertise of those at the helm of regulation become increasingly crucial.

For many within the pro-gun community, this episode is a vivid illustration of the challenges facing effective firearms regulation and enforcement. It underscores the need for a better-informed approach to gun policy, one that respects the technical nuances of firearms and the rights of law-abiding citizens under the Second Amendment.

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