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Is Texas the Next Virginia?

Is Texas the Next Virginia?

February 23, 2020

Anti-gun extremists are doubling down on Texas.

According to the Mike Bloomberg-funded “Everytown for Gun Control,” they’re spending at least $8 million to flip the Texas Legislature in 2020.

That’s three times what they spent in Virginia.

Worse, that’s on top of the MILLIONS Mike Bloomberg and other anti-gun Democrats are already spending in Texas.

With only 9 State House seats needed for anti-gun Democrats to take control, I’m afraid I won’t have the resources to defend against this onslaught of out-of-state spending.

That’s why I hope you’ll make your most generous contribution to Texas Gun Rights right away.

Houston Chronicle

According to the Houston Chronicle, Everytown has over 400,000 Texas volunteers ready to pound pavement for anti-gun Democrats in 2020. And they’re targeting 20 State House Districts to meet their goal of flipping 9.

But anti-gun Democrats aren’t the only threat in Texas.

Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick’s “Gun Control Roadshow” continues roaring across the state, keeping the gun control debate alive and well in Texas.

Republican politicians like Abbott and Patrick wrongly believe placating anti-gun hysteria will help Republicans look more “reasonable” come November.

But according to Everytown, weak-kneed Republicans who caved to their gun control demands aren’t safe either.

Houston area U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw — who dug his heels in support of “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation in 2019 — was announced as a target by Everytown.

You see, no matter how much Republicans cave, it will never be enough to placate anti-gunners…until they completely obliterate your right to bear arms.

Nancy Pelosi calls it a “slippery slope.”

And after the success the Gun Control Lobby saw in Virginia, they’re doubling down on Texas.

Chris, the parallels between Virginia and Texas are alarming.

Thanks to demographic shifts and population growth in the suburban areas of Washington D.C., the writing was on the wall for Virginia…much like Texas.

The untold story, however, is weak-kneed Republicans alienated their pro-gun constituencies for years, making the state ripe for the anti-gun taking.

Sound familiar?

According to CATO Institute, Virginia is ranked only #24 when it comes to gun rights…in spite of its VERY pro-gun citizenry.

Of course, Texas is ranked even lower at #29 on the same list…

So while 14 states focused on restoring their gun rights by passing Constitutional Carry over the past decade, Virginia and Texas barely did more than maintain the gun control status quo…

Proving complacency strikes like the plague for those in power.

To put it in terms of a football analogy, once our team takes the lead, they go into “prevent defense” mode and stop trying to score.

But when it comes to gun rights, we can’t EVER stop striking on offense, Chris!

Otherwise, gun grabbers will take charge by pushing their radical agenda.

Which is exactly what Gun Control, Inc. did in Virginia.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is striking back on offense by fighting to make Texas the 16th Constitutional Carry state!

If you’re able to legally possess a firearm, you should be able it carry it to protect yourself and your loved ones. Period.

No government permission slips. No expensive fees.

With your help, we’ll make Constitutional Carry a TOP gun rights issue during the 2020 election season.

Putting weak-kneed politicians on notice that you won’t accept politicians who simply maintain the status quo.

Thank you for your support!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

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