Gavin NewScum’s Gun Grabbing 28th Amendment Proposal

Gavin NewScum’s Gun Grabbing 28th Amendment Proposal

July 28, 2023

On June 8th, Governor Gavin Newsom put forth a new amendment that appears to blatantly trample upon our cherished Second Amendment rights. This proposal aims to infringe upon our fundamental right to bear arms by raising the minimum age for firearm purchases to 21. This would mandate an unnecessary waiting period for background checks, and even go so far as to ban semi-automatic rifles.

If enacted, this insidious amendment would effectively obliterate our ability to defend ourselves and undermine our duty to safeguard against a tyrannical government. 

It is truly disheartening to witness such a flagrant disregard for our constitutional rights coming from Governor Newsom. By singling out law-abiding citizens and placing arbitrary barriers on their ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights, he not only undermines the principles upon which our nation was founded but also fails to address the core issues underlying violence and crime.

Governor Newsom’s proposed amendment conveniently ignores the fact that responsible gun ownership is a crucial element of our individual freedoms and collective security. By restricting access to firearms for law-abiding adults under the age of 21, he is effectively denying them the means to protect themselves, their loved ones, and their property from potential threats.

Furthermore, an unnecessary waiting period for background checks serves only to burden law-abiding citizens while doing little to deter criminals. It is an unjustifiable restriction that infringes upon our ability to exercise our rights promptly and efficiently.

Perhaps most concerning is Governor Newsom’s proposal to ban semi-automatic rifles. This sweeping and misguided measure fails to acknowledge that these firearms are widely used for self-defense, sport shooting, and even as tools for safeguarding against government overreach. The right to possess such firearms is essential in maintaining a balance of power between the citizenry and the government, ensuring that our democracy remains strong and free.

Governor Newsom’s amendment is a clear overreach that disregards the values of individual liberty and personal responsibility. It is imperative that we stand together against such encroachments on our constitutional rights and vocally oppose any legislation that seeks to diminish our ability to protect ourselves, our families, and our democratic way of life.

 Additionally, it is worth highlighting the utter failure of gun control measures while addressing the issue of gun violence. Despite California’s stringent gun regulations, the state continues to grapple with a distressingly high gun crime rate. This undeniable fact exposes the fallacy of Governor Newsom’s proposed amendment, which wrongly assumes that further restrictions on law-abiding citizens will somehow deter criminals or prevent acts of violence.

The truth is that criminals, by their very nature, have no regard for laws or regulations. They will find a way to obtain firearms regardless of the obstacles placed in their path. The only individuals affected by these restrictive measures are law-abiding citizens who seek to exercise their constitutional rights responsibly.

California’s experience serves as a stark reminder that gun bans and excessive regulations do not equate to safer communities. Instead, they create a disarmed populace that is left vulnerable and defenseless in the face of criminals who obtain firearms through illegal means. It is disheartening to witness policymakers like Governor Newsom ignore the evidence and persist in pushing for measures that do nothing to address the root causes of violence.

In conclusion, Governor Newsom’s proposed amendment is not only a direct assault on our Second Amendment rights but also a misguided attempt to address gun violence. California’s high gun crime rate, despite its stringent gun control measures, serves as a testament to the failure of such policies. It is essential that we reject these ill-conceived proposals and instead pursue solutions that uphold our constitutional rights while effectively addressing the complex issue of violence in our society.

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