Democrats Rally for Gun Control at Texas Convention

June 12, 2024
The Texas Democratic Party Convention was a full-throttle push for gun control, echoing the message, “Apathy is deadly, hopelessness is deadly.”
David Hogg, the notorious gun control activist and survivor of the 2018 Parkland, Florida high school shooting, was front and center, rallying the troops at a gun control panel.

“Democrats are no longer running from gun control. They’re running on it in most instances. We’re showing that it’s a winning issue. It’s going to take time though,” Hogg declared.

Among the attendees at the convention were prominent gun ban advocates like Beto O’Rourke and Gabby Giffords, making it clear that the Democratic platform is now firmly anchored in anti-gun rhetoric.

These politicians aren’t just advocating for gun control—they’re openly supporting outright bans on most privately owned firearms through so-called assault weapons bans.

These bans target not just rifles, as the majority of Americans believe, but also the majority of modern handguns and shotguns.

Hogg received a standing ovation from the 70 people in attendance before prancing to the photo line and participating in further discussions on gun control laws.

Highlighting legislative victories in Republican-controlled Florida, Hogg pointed to laws that raised the age for purchasing firearms and a “red flag” gun confiscation law.
“My message to Texans when it comes to passing gun laws, being from Florida where we were able to, is don’t lose hope,” Hogg urged.But let’s be clear: the narrative at the Texas Democratic Convention is a direct threat to our Second Amendment rights.

The measures promoted by Hogg, O’Rourke, and Giffords are clear steps towards gun bans and Universal Gun Registration—a slippery slope leading straight to gun confiscation.

Critics rightly argue that gun control efforts fail to address the root causes of violence and instead punish responsible gun owners.

While high-profile shootings are tragic, they overshadow the broader reality that firearms are used defensively millions of times each year in America.
In stark contrast to the Democratic convention, the Republican Party of Texas convention featured a booth operated by Texas Gun Rights, which included a photo line and meet-and-greet with Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse, who recently joined Texas Gun Rights as Outreach Director, was famously acquitted of all criminal charges in arguably the most high-profile self-defense case in American history, symbolizing the critical importance of the right to bear arms for personal protection.

The debate over gun control versus gun rights is far from over, and the upcoming elections will undoubtedly keep this issue at the forefront.

As gun control activists rally their base, pro-gun advocates must stand firm in defending the constitutional right to bear arms.
Apathy in this fight is not an option—it could indeed be deadly for our freedoms.

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