Stop Biden's Antigun Takeover

Brace Yourself

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Brace yourself.

Democrats in D.C. are grasping at every chance to expand gun control.

The anti-gun cabal are doing everything they can to punish law-abiding citizens who dare to exercise their Second Amendment rights to defend their life, liberty, or property.

From “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, to Universal Gun Registration, to persecuting and prosecuting innocent citizens like Kyle Rittenhouse – but with Joe Biden in the White House, this isn’t surprising…

We cannot let Biden’s anti-gun agenda take root in the Lone Star State because, as you know, “As Texas goes, so goes the nation.”

We must send a resounding message to the federal government: HANDS OFF THE SECOND AMENDMENT!

And the best way to do that is by passing TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation in Austin.

So help us draw a line in the sand by signing your “Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda” pledge today!

I’m sure you remember Republicans in the state legislature declared victory when they passed a so-called “Second Amendment Sanctuary” bill just last year.

Unfortunately, this bill was about as effective as a letter to Santa Clause.

Texas’ “Second Amendment Sanctuary” law provides no avenue for enforcement, leaving gun-owning Texans vulnerable to creepy Joe’s gun-grabbing fingers.

We must fix this law by empowering local sheriffs to arrest and jail ANY federal agent who dares to enforce unconstitutional gun laws on law-abiding Texans… making it a TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary law.

And we must act quickly.

Democrat wonder boy Robert Francis O’Rourke is running for Governor — the highest office in the state.

You may remember that before deciding to run, “Beto” was snuggling up to Biden in hopes of becoming his “gun control czar.”

Thankfully, those dreams came crashing down just like his last two campaigns.

But the anti-gun swamp creatures in D.C. aren’t pinning all their hopes solely on Beto’s campaign.

If you recall, it was the 2018 Beto wave that allowed down-ballot anti-gunners to flip twelve legislative seats.

Republicans in 2022 simply do not have the numbers to allow them to have that kind of success again.

Needless to say — if no one stands in their way RIGHT NOW — gun grabbers could have a hay day in 2022.

And they will only be emboldened by two more years of Democrat control of the White House pronouncing whatever “emergency gun control” orders they can dream up.

That is why it is so important to get would-be legislators on record supporting real Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation, not just an empty bill with a pretty name.

Only the real thing will do.

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is pushing for TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation that will lock up government agents attempting to enforce unconstitutional gun control from D.C.

This legislation is important because no matter which party controls the presidency or Congress, the tentacles of anti-gun organizations like the ATF will be trying to strangle the Second Amendment.

Remember, even President Trump listened to anti-gun advisors and banned bump stocks back in 2018.

Imagine what Biden — or Kamala Harris — will do given the chance!

Texas cannot afford to leave our rights at the mercy of D.C. elites.

But state politicians will not defend your rights without pressure, so I need to know you are behind us.

So please sign your “Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda” pledge today!

With your support, I know we can make enforceable Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation a key issue in the Texas elections.

After years of the Texas media and political establishment saying Constitutional Carry would never pass, YOU proved them wrong.

And in doing so, you also proved that Texas gun owners will not rest until our Second Amendment rights are protected and RESTORED.

Now, it is time to deal a massive blow against Joe Biden’s anti-gun agenda by providing state protection to the Texas gun owners he is targeting.

Texas Gun Rights is working hard to get candidates on the record saying whether they will stand up to Joe Biden with a TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary law or not.

I need your support immediately to push this issue in the 2022 election season and on into the next legislative session.

A free Texas is the worst nightmare of Democrat mega-donors like Michael Bloomberg, and simply can’t match his spending abilities.

With Beto drawing the eyes (and pocketbooks) of wealthy liberals nationwide, Texas is bound to see a tsunami of money spent fighting pro-gun efforts.

But my hope is that even if we do not have billions to spend and the backing of the mainstream media, Texas Gun Rights has you.

So after you fill out your pledge, I hope you’ll please agree to a very generous contribution of $100.

I know that I’m asking for an amount that for some will be out of the question.

But if you can afford this amount, please know that 2022 is a critical year for Texas — especially with the pending onslaught of Beto Bucks to be spent on our state.

If $100 is just too much right now, I hope you can give $50.

And if that is not possible, please agree to contribute to TXGR by giving $25 or even $5 today.


No matter what you decide, please sign your “Stop Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda” pledge today.

I am counting on you.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

P.S. Texas is ground zero for Joe Biden’s anti-gun agenda — we must fight back RIGHT AWAY!

That’s why Texas Gun Rights is pushing for a TRUE Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation that will lock up government agents who dare to enforce unconstitutional gun control on law-abiding Texans!

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