ATF Kills Arkansas Man in Botched Raid

April 25, 2024 

In the early hours of March 19th, the ATF barged into Bryan Malinowski’s home in West Little Rock, Arkansas. Video evidence shows the agents, armed and donning full tactical gear, arriving at the Arkansan’s home in 10 separate vehicles. After rushing up the driveway, their first move was to cover up the home’s security camera with a piece of tape.

This occurred after the ATF surveilled Malinowski for several days. In a statement released by his family, Bryan’s wife, Maer, expressed her belief that intruders were breaking into her home, unaware that they were government agents.

In an act of self-defense amidst uncertainty, Malinowski grabbed his pistol and walked out of his bedroom to confront the ATF agents, whom he likely perceived as a threat to his family. He fired three shots towards the agents’ feet before being lethally shot in the head. To make matters worse, the ATF ensured their tracks were covered by not using body cams during the raid. 

The Malinowski family lost Bryan because the ATF suspected he was participating in selling firearms at gun shows without a federal firearms license. However, in Arkansas and Texas, it is legal for Americans to sell guns without an FFL or conducting a background check. Nevertheless, once the ATF deems someone to have crossed a subjective line, they can quickly turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

Bryan’s attorney noted that if found guilty, the punishment would have likely been less than a prison sentence, probation, or a pre-trial diversion.

Wives will lose their husbands, children will lose their fathers, and parents will lose their sons if the ATF is not held accountable for this death and countless others.

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