Alice Tripp throws Pro-gun Texans under the bus

Alice Tripp throws Pro-gun Texans under the bus

I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to read my article featured in the Lone Star Defender, the official newsletter of Texas Gun Rights.

My article shines a light on the actions of Texas State Rifle Association Legislative Director Alice Tripp, who attacked pro-gun Texans while defending an open opponent of Constitutional Carry during the 2019 legislative session.

As you’ll read, not every “pro-gun” voice is looking out for YOUR best interests!

That’s why I hope you’ll chip in after you read the article below, to help TXGR continue fighting for your gun rights in Texas!

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
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Texas Gun Rights

Tripp Gives Cover to Bonnen After Killing
House Bill 357

As Legislative Director for the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), Alice Tripp refused to acknowledge the existence of Constitutional Carry legislation for the past two legislative sessions — let alone provide any support for it.

After taking it on the chin from their members, many of whom are TXGR members, Tripp finally took action in support of Constitutional Carry earlier this year.

But her support didn’t last long.

Tripp Throws Pro-gun Texans Under the Bus to Protect Bonnen

Texas Gun Rights ratcheted up the pressure on Speaker Bonnen by informing his constituents of his actions to block House Bill 357, the Constitutional Carry bill.

Once grassroots pressure reached a boiling point for Speaker Bonnen to advance the bill, he lashed out at gun rights activists and blamed them for the death of Constitutional Carry.

Instead of standing with pro-gun Texans against the actions of a self-described opponent of Constitutional Carry, Alice Tripp quickly scurried to the defense of Bonnen.

In a tone deaf email to TSRA members, Alice Tripp echoed Bonnen’s attacks on gun rights activists, calling them “fringe” for daring to question Bonnen’s bona fides on gun rights.

She even sang his praises — claiming he is a Second Amendment champion — in spite of his stonewalling and admitted opposition to Constitutional Carry.

For access-based lobbyists like Ms. Tripp, it’s clear personal relationships with powerful legislators like Speaker Bonnen are more important to them then the hopes and dreams of pro-gun, dues-paying TSRA members.

Being a mouthpiece for the political class by telling gun owners they must settle for second-class rights is not real activism.

The sun has set on that failed approach.

One simple fact remains: the death of Constitutional Carry in 2019 rests squarely on Speaker Bonnen’s shoulders.

Texas Gun Rights is not going anywhere and will not relent until Texas becomes a Constitutional Carry state.

Politicians responsible for killing Constitutional Carry can expect to hear from their constituents during the time that they are most susceptible to grassroots pressure: election season

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