After Facing Backlash, Cornyn Backtracks on BSCA Support

May 15, 2024 

In the aftermath of the implementation of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), Senator John Cornyn is facing intense scrutiny from Texans and advocates for Second Amendment rights. The rule, which expands background check requirements for firearms sales, has sparked outrage among gun rights supporters, who are holding Cornyn accountable for his role in its creation.

Cornyn, who championed the BSCA in the Senate, has been under fire for his role in facilitating the ATF’s overreach. The revised definition of gun dealers under the BSCA provided the legal basis for the ATF’s expanded background check policy, a clear infringement of Second Amendment rights.

Despite his efforts to challenge the policy and distance himself from its consequences, Cornyn’s actions have not gone unnoticed by Texans. He recently vowed to file a congressional resolution of disapproval over the policy despite being one of its original sponsors. 

His betrayal of the Second Amendment cannot be forgotten. As his name continues to come up in conversations about a new Senate minority leader, make sure to send our pre-written letter to Senator Cruz opposing Cornyn’s candidacy (Cornyn is also included on the letter so he hears from his constituents on the matter.)

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