A list of anti-gun candidates running in Texas

October 11, 2022

They could be anywhere…

State House, Senate, candidates for Governor, even your neighbor could be an anti-gun communist.

Okay, so we don’t know about your neighbor, but we do have a list of gun-grabbing candidates that YOU should carefully vet before pulling the lever in November.

Anti-gun New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg is nosing around in our elections again.

This time, he’s utilizing the Karens at Moms Against Guns to hand-pick candidates willing to promote his tyrannical agenda.

Fortunately, these candidates have made no qualms about their opposition to the Second Amendment and have made their draconian views public.

In order to get the “Gun Sense Candidate” Award from these Leftist shills, one must vow their allegiance to a radical ideology targeting law-abiding gun owners.

Among these tenets of radicalism are so-called “assault weapons” bans.

These bans would outlaw hundreds of types of firearms based solely on cosmetic features; turning law-abiding gun owners into felons overnight.

“Gun Sense Candidates” must also pledge to fight for draconian “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws that put both law enforcement and law-abiding gun owners at risk.

“Red Flag” laws allow government authorities to enter the homes of law-abiding gun owners and seize their firearms, solely based on any accusation questioning your mental stability.

Without any crime being committed.

Without any due process.

And it’s all up to you to front the legal costs to get your guns back.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Bloomberg backed candidates must also pledge to push for a de facto gun registration scheme under the guise of “Universal Background Checks.”

Universal Gun Registration would require every single gun sale to be approved by the government, giving the government a record of every firearm you own.

After all, the only way to enforce this system would be to register every single firearm to ensure it had been through the government-mandated red tape.

And we all know that gun registration is just the prior step to gun confiscation.

Should these MDA backed candidates gain a foothold in our state legislature, it could spell disaster for Texas gun owners.

If any of your candidates show up on this list, I’m urging you to call them and demand they renounce their tyrannical ideology and start supporting the Second Amendment.

Here’s the list of candidates being backed by Moms Against Guns:


Beto ORourke

State House

HD 6 Cody Grace

HD 15 Kristin Johnson

HD 17 Madeline Eden

HD 20 Raul Camacho

HD 23 Keith Henry

HD 24 Michael Creedon

HD 26 Daniel Lee

HD 27 Ron Reynolds

HD 31 Martha Gutierrez

HD 33 Graeson Lynskey

HD 45 Erin Zwiener

HD 46 Sheryl Cole

HD 47 Vikki Goodwin

HD 50 James Talarico

HD 51 Maria Flores

HD 53 Joe Herrera

HD 54 Jonathan Hildner

HD 61 Sheena King

HD 63 H. Denise Wooten

HD 65 Brittney Verdell

HD 66 Jesse Ringness

HD 67 Kevin Morris

HD 70 Mihaela Plesa

HD 71 Linda Goolsbee

HD 73 Justin Calhoun

HD 74 Eddie Morales

HD 76 Suleman Lalani

HD 85 Larry Baggett

HD 92 Salman Bhojani

HD 94 Dennis Sherrard

HD 98 Shannon Elkins

HD 101 Chris turner

HD 102 Ana-Maria Ramos

HD 103 Rafael Anchia

HD 104 Jessica Gonzalez

HD 105 Thresa Meza

HD 107 Victoria Neave

HD 108 Elizabeth Ginsberg

HD 112 Elva Curl

HD 114 John Bryant

HD 115 Julie Johnson

HD 116 Trey Martinez Fischer

HD 118 Frank Ramirez

HD 121 Becca Defelice

HD 122 Angi Aramburu

HD 124 Josey Garcia

HD 134 Ann Johnson

HD 135 Jon Rosenthal

HD 136 John Bucy

HD 137 Gene Wu

HD 138 Stephanie Morales

HD 139 Jarvis Johnson

HD 148 Penny Shaw

HD 150 Ginny Brown Daniel

State Senate

SD 4 Misty Bishop

SD 9 Gwenn Burud

SD 12 Francine Ly

SD 14 Sarah Eckhardt

SD 16 Nathan Johnson

SD 17 Titus Benton

SD 29 Cesar Blanco


If one of your candidates is on this list, it’s imperative you help us EXPOSE their anti-gun agenda.

You can do so by emailing this article to your friends and family to notify them of the dangers lurking on their ballots.

You can also help us mobilize even more gun owners across the state by chipping in $30 or $15.

Even a $10 recurring donation goes a long way to helping us stay in the fight for your gun rights.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and I hope you join me in that crusade.

I’m counting on you, Chris.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights


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